Atomic Crunch is a versatile overdrive and distortion pedal with parametric equalizer.

We are working on putting together some proper sound demos.
In the meantime, here are some really quick sound samples just to give you an idea of what
Atomic Crunch sounds like.

Played on a custom Telecaster with split-coil humbuckers into Atomic Crunch then into the clean channel of a Marshall VS-65R combo amp with a Vintage 30 speaker. Recorded with a Shure SM57 microphone into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface.
The recording is unprocessed except for normalization.

Overdrive to Distortion.
Overdrive part is a split single coil neck pickup and the distortion is the bridge humbucker.

High Gain Distortion
Here's a sample of high gain distortion with the same setup and guitar using the bridge humbucker.

Here's a sample of overdrive using an Ibanez AS83 semi-hollowbody into Atomic Crunch then into a 200W ZT Lunchbox combo amp. Recorded with an MXL 910 microphone into an Alesis i02 audio interface..



A true parametric equalizer for your mids, a semi-parametric for your bass, and a shelving equalizer for treble provides endless possibilities to create and tweak your own tone.

Need a heavier sound? Kick on the Atomic Boost for heavy tones and sonic mayhem.

  1. VERSATILE - Atomic Crunch is an overdrive and distortion pedal that provides crunch with clarity. It can provide you with overdrive tones for jazz and blues to heavy distortion tones for rock and metal.
  2. SOPHISTICATED EQUALIZER - Atomic Crunch comes with a true parametric equalizer for your midrange tones, semi-parametric equalizer for your bass tones, and a shelving equalizer for your treble tones giving you endless possibilities to create and tweak your own tone.
  3. ENDLESS TONES- The versatility of the Atomic Crunch lets you dial in a variety of tones. You can even dial in tones that will make Atomic Crunch sound similar to other distortion and overdrive pedals.

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